Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Finding Fantasy Baseball Sleepers

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A Fantasy Baseball Sleeper means something different to every owner out there. Most people define a sleeper as a player who is underrated and unknown. If you are in a 13 Team National League Only League you will have a much different view of who is and isn't a sleeper than the person in a 10 Team Mixed League. Victor Diaz may be undraftable in your league but invaluable in mine. Read More Below...

Diaz may be undraftable in your league but invaluable in mine

The big question isn't really who is a sleeper (it isn't ???) but rather how to find a sleeper. The easy answer is to know more than your opponents. There is no doubt that knowledge is power in fantasy baseball. But in tougher leagues you may find yourself evenly matched with your opponents. You all know that Mike Lowell has declined the last couple of years and majorly in 2005. You will all also know that Fenway Park tends to add life to a flyball hitting slugger's numbers. You may also know that Lowell's decline coinsided with the testing for steroids. The difference in a league where you have many knowledgeable owners is the ability to put your knowledge into context. Is Mike Lowell automatically the starter? Why? Because he has a big contract? What does that mean for Kevin Youkilis? Who starts at first? Even if Lowell starts how much of a chance will he get? How will a potential Manny trade impact Lowell? or Youkilis? These are the type of questions you have to ask yourself constantly.

The purpose of this site will be to try and provide the context for your knowledge. I'll point you to good sources of that context. I'll give you profiles of players. I'll keep you up to date on player news. I'll give you a regular dose of sleepers some for the ten team yahoo league and some for the thirteen team ultra only league. Feel free to send me your rosters and I'll help you with your keeper lists. E-mail me anytime at or just comment on this site.

Coming right up? Some infield sleepers you may find interesting.

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