Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Reds Trade Sean Casey to the Pirates

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Brad Eldred Blocked By Sean Casey Trade

Cross Brad Eldred off your list for 2006. The Pirates have acquired Sean Casey for Dave Williams a left handed starter who after years of injuries has started to establish himself. The Pirates want Eldred to get more seasoning in the minors. Despite hitting forty homeruns in the minors and majors last year he had over 150 strikeouts. The Pirates have money to spend and they've chosen to spend it on Casey rather than the gigantic hole at third (and short and second in my opinion).

Check out this story about the trade:

The Pittsburgh native Casey, 31, did not want to discuss the details of the deal until after returning to Pittsburgh to complete his physical with the club. But he did express initial disappointment upon hearing his name included in trade rumors this winter.

"I want to retire with the Cincinnati Reds. I don't want to go anywhere," Casey said. " I love Cincinnati, the fans, the team and the charitable work that I do. If I have to go, and I hope I don't, Pittsburgh is the best place because that is where I was born and raised."

By adding Casey, the Pirates address their need for a left-handed run producer at first base to bat behind All-Star Jason Bay. A three-time National League All-Star, Casey has a .305 career batting average with 118 home runs and 605 RBIs in nine big-league seasons, eight of which he spent in Cincinnati.

Casey batted .324 with 24 home runs and 99 RBIs in 2004 but saw his power numbers fall off significantly last season after he sustained a left shoulder injury in May while diving for a foul ball. Casey was batting .312 with nine home runs and 58 RBIs when he suffered a season-ending concussion at PNC Park on Sept. 16 following a collision at first base with Pirates catcher Humberto Cota.

Also check this story on the impact on Brad Eldred:

The addition of Casey, even if he is not signed beyond 2006, allows the Pirates to give powerful first base prospect Brad Eldred another year to improve his pitch selection, contact and defense at Triple-A. Eldred combined to club 40 home runs in the Minor Leagues and big leagues last season, but he also struck out 159 times in 469 at-bats.

If you can stash Eldred away do it. He'll be back in 2007 and he has some serious power. I'll have more on the fantasy impact of this and the other Hot Stove Transactions soon.

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