Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Where All This Came From

posted by Unknown
For various reasons I won't go into I've switched between a couple of blogs when publishing my fantasy baseball articles. The last site ( is one I will no longer use. I've gone through a painful process of transfering all the articles (that fit this format) to this blog which will become active again. Unfortunately I haven't figured out how to attach the proper dates to these posts so they all appear as if written today. Oh well.

Please take a look through the Spetember 20th posts I think you'll find some useful stuff in there. I will be adding new stuff almost everyday to this site. I hope you will find the site useful and informative. I also hope that you will be inspired to comment whether to tell me I'm crazy (a popular notion) or a genius (almost never suggested). Should you wish to contact me or send me your ideas, I'm happy to receive your e-mails at or you can Instant Message me via AIM or Yahoo at bigjonempire.


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