Friday, November 24, 2006

A Royal Move Missed

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I managed to miss this move and it seems I was not the only one. But whatever, check out this news revealed on Royals Review:

I noticed that the Royals signed a minor league free agent named
Matt Wright. was highly thought of in the Braves organization.
2006, he was 10-8 3.47 ERA, 137.1 IP, 131 Hits, 57BB 118K and 1.17 WHIP
combined AA and AAA. just AA alone, Wright was 7-3, 2.22 89IP 74H
28BB 84Ks and 1.15 WHIP. may have been one of the Braves minor
league pitchers of the year - not sure on that one. is 6'4''
230lbs. and will be 25 on opening day 2007.
Some of the fans on the Braves blog Talking Chop were disappointed he
got away. would have had him in the Braves top 20 prospects.
an organization like the Royals who are desperate for starting
pitching, Wright sounds like a guy who might be a sleeper. AA
numbers are better than [Tyler]Lumsden (who is a LH and younger).
Wright might be one of those guys who could slip into the picture and
provide the Royals with some hope.

I do not have an opinion just yet but I felt it my duty (he said duty...heehee) to pass this bit on. More later of course.

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Anonymous Fake Teams said...

Nice catch.

Wright looks like a hidden gem given the Royals rotation needs.

At worst, $380K for a 5+ ERA. That is at least a 90% discount to what Jason marquis will be pitching for in 2007.

Saturday, November 25, 2006 at 9:03:00 AM EST  

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