Monday, December 11, 2006

The Rest of the November Moves

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Catching Up On Moves

The Oakland Athletics sent cash to the Kansas City Royals for infielder Donnie Murphy. Trying to find info on obscure Royals' prospects is work and there isn't much to found on Murphy but I can tell you a few things. He was hurt for a good deal of 2006 but still managed to set a career high in homeruns. The Royals once considered him a top prospect but that doesn't say a whole lot about him. In 2006 for the Wichita Wranglers Murphy batted .249/.300/.437 with 14 homeruns and 25 doubles.

The Los Angeles Dodgers signed Left-handed starter Randy Wolf to a one-year contract with lots of incentives. Wolf if healthy is probably just a touch better than average and might manage to look slightly better still in Dodger Stadium. Unless he goes ultra-cheap you won't find him on any of my rosters.

The Toronto Blue Jays gave a one-year contract to Royce Clayton. Clayton has a reputation that far exceeds his performance the last few years. He's passable with the glove but you really don't want him in your lineup. He's an ok piece of filler (because of all the at-bats it looks like he'll get) but long-term he'll bring down your numbers.

The Rockies signed lefty Eric DuBose to a minor-league contract. DuBose isn't very good but he was much hyped for a few minutes a couple of years ago. But trust me he stinks.

The Phillies signed Adam Eaton to a three-year contract. I have to confess that I am an Eaton fan. He's been injured for a significant portion of the couple of seasons but I think he can still become a top notch pitcher in both real life and for our fantasy teams. In his major league career (including all those injury-marred seasons) Eaton has the following line in 861 innings pitched: 9.04 H9 (solid), 1.17 HR9 (a little high but not in an insanely bad way), 3.20 BB9 (this is a little high but not so bad when you consider the way he limits hits and especially damaging hits when healthy. I do know that some people don't believe in a hitter's ability to control the number of hits against him in any fashion other than strikeouts and walks but I'm not one of them, and hey look at Barry Zito's walk rate sometime (career 3.52)), 6.96 K9. Plus, he all the intangible qualities you want in a starter.

The Boston Red Sox signed left-hander Hideki Okajima to a two year contract with a club option for 2009. From the scouting reports I've read Okajima is a solid left-handed reliever who should have success against lefties and righties. He will probably end up as a LOOGY for the Red Sox.

The Orioles added yet another reliever to their mix in right-handed under-hand pitcher Chad Bradford. Bradford was one of the stars of money ball and is a solid set-up man. There are some becoming nervous about the hold Chris Ray will have on the Orioles' closer job should he struggle at all this coming season. Did you worry last season when you drafted a rookie to be your closer? I don't think you should worry more than you did last season. If anything its the Baltimore starters that are going to be limited. I have a feeling that any starter other than Erik Bedard is going to have to be pitching lights out to finish the sixth inning and maybe even the fifth.

I'll be finishing off the old moves in few hours. I need to get past this hurdle.

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