Thursday, January 08, 2009

Advanced Fantasy Baseball's Greatest Hits

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Yesterday Knox over at Crooked Pitch dot com posted his Top 10 Must Follow List for Fantasy Baseball. Guess who was on it? I was sort of surprised to say the least. Twitter is a great way to get quick hits of news and links to articles you might be interested in reading. I'm hoping that the attention will result in more readers of this blog. I thought now be a good time to share some of Advanced Fantasy Baseball's Greatest Hits. I selected a variety of the types of posts I write.

Fantsy Baseball Strategies That Don't Work

Favorite Statistical Sources

Expert Mock Drafts

Sleeper Alerts

The Importance of Defense in a Fantasy Baseball Context

MLB's Non-Tendered Free Agents

Fantasy Baseball Software

Advanced Fantasy Baseball Player Rankings

The Ultimate Fantasy Baseball Gift List

How the Teixeira Deal Changes the Yankees Outfield

The Fantasy Sports Writers Association Awards

Fantasy Baseball Books, Annuals, and Magazines

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