Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The Fantasy Baseball Search Expert League

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Last night we had the Fantasy Baseball Search Expert League draft on Mock Draft Central. A great time was had by all. This league has a few not exactly unique but uncommon challenges. It a mixed 5x5 Head-to-Head league. It uses On-base Percentage rather than Batting Average. The rules also state that every team has to accumulate 40 innings a week unless at least eight of the nine pitching spots are filled by starters. These rules aren't a huge handicap but they forced me to approach things a little differently than I might otherwise.

My biggest weakness in Fantasy Baseball is probably Head-to-Head Leagues. I have been in a few but have only one Head-to-Head Championship on my record. I've attributed this to balanced lineups that don't dominate any particular categories. Thus in this draft I decided to go for high OBP power hitters, and high strikeout starters and essentially dump steals and saves. I didn't do exactly as planned but I'm okay with the results.

The Results:
Player Team Acquired
1B Mark Teixeira NYY R1 P10
1B Lance Berkman HOU R2 P3
1B Kevin Youkilis BOS R4 P3
1B Jason Giambi OAK R20 P3
2B Brian Roberts BAL R3 P10
2B Jose Lopez SEA R11 P10
2B Mark DeRosa CLE R15 P10
3B Edwin Encarnacion CIN R12 P3
SS Derek Jeter NYY R5 P10
C Jorge Posada NYY R16 P3
C John Baker FLA R26 P3
OF Magglio Ordonez DET R6 P3
OF Johnny Damon NYY R7 P10
OF Andre Ethier LA R10 P3
OF Brett Gardner NYY R22 P3
OF Juan Pierre LA R27 P10
DH Kendry Morales ANA R24 P3
SP Felix Hernandez SEA R8 P3
SP Jon Lester BOS R9 P10
SP Josh Johnson FLA R13 P10
SP Clayton Kershaw LA R17 P10
SP Justin Duchscherer OAK R18 P3
SP Chris Carpenter STL R19 P10
SP David Huff CLE R23 P10
SP Anibal Sanchez FLA R25 P10
RP Joey Devine OAK R14 P3
RP Kevin Gregg CHC R21 P10

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