Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Great Thing About June Prospects...

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The latest edition of the (Waiver) Wire has been posted at Crucial Sports. This week we take a look at the early call ups. June is always better in my opinion for prospects. For one, you can actually have them in your lineup long enough to make a difference. Two, the teams calling these guys up actually want and need them to contribute to the rotations and lineups they have just joined.

A sample:

Brignac was once a top prospect of the Devilish Rays but he never quite produced or defended the way they wanted. He has shown the ability to hit for power and the ability to steal bases. He should receive plenty of playing time with Akinori Iwamura and Jason Bartlett both on the disabled list. His problem as a hitter was always strikeouts but so far this season he is showing improved patience and discipline at the plate. This is an excellent player to take a chance on in AL-only leagues.
and another sample:

The Mets lineup has more than its fair share of problems right now. Carlos Delgado, Jose Reyes, and Ryan Church are all on the disabled list. Carlos Beltran is playing banged up, and rookie Daniel Murphy is experiencing some of the downs that young players do. I believe that all of the previous mentioned players will bounce back strongly, well except Church. It seems obvious to me that manager Jerry Manuel is not a big fan of Ryan Church. He benched him for rookie this spring (Murphy) and encouraged the Mets to pick up the remains of what was once Gary Sheffield. So how easy is it to believe that he will plug the Mets highly anticipated phenomenal prospect into the lineup and never take him out? Not hard at all.

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