Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Now on the Waiver Wire...

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The latest edition of The (Waiver) Wire is now up on Crucial Sports. As usual it features a mix of players that may be available in a wide variety of leagues. You can check it out as always by following this link:

The (Waiver) Wire A small sample:

The Mets have more than their fair share of problems this season. David Wright is doing his annual Augie Ojeda imitation. Doc Gooden signed the newly painted walls of Citi Field. In addition, Darryl Strawberry shared what he and Wilt Chamberlain have in common. With all of this happening, it would be easy to miss Jerry Manuel falling in love with Omir Santos. Santos came up through the Yankees’ system. He was considered one of those all glove no bat catching prospects. However, that has changed recently, and although he will never be a Russell Martin or Joe Mauer, he can certainly be an acceptable National League catcher in your NL-only league.

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