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Five Fantasy Blogs You Should Be Reading

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Last week the Poll Question of the Week was "What is your favorite source of fantasy information" and the overwhelming favorite source was Fantasy Baseball Blogs. Maybe this was to be expected coming from a poll based on a fantasy baseball blog, but I still found it interesting. There are hundreds if not thousands of fantasy baseball blogs of various degrees of quality. There is a long list of them in the blog roll in the sidebar to your right. There are actually lots of interesting things in the sidebar of this blog aside from advertisements. You can find links to all sorts of great information that aren't just fantasy based. I've been slowly building a list of the best MLB team blogs. You can catch up on my twitter comments and check out the widget. I also share HUNDREDS of articles every month through my Google Reader that could provide you with valuable information in your fantasy leagues. But I want to personally introduce you to five blogs that I love reading and I'm betting you will too. Please note these are not even close to all the blogs I read on a regular basis but an article that listed them all would have to list hundreds.

Baseball By Paul by Paul Sporer

Paul is a writer for's Owner's Edge and a frequent poster on the RotoJunkie Fantasy Forums in addition to his long running baseball blog. His last two articles helped inspire this article. If you aren't reading Paul on a regular basis read Roy Halladay: The Complete Picture and Patience is a Virtue and you will be hooked. His articles are very well written and occassionally statistically oriented. He is a big believer in examining the evidence and not making subjective decisions.

RotoProfessor by Eric Stashin (the Prof)

Eric is very good at breaking down players to get at what makes them tick (or not). With rare days off you'll get Eric's look at the daily boxscores where you are certain to hear about any pressing news or new situations for your fantasy players. But the best aspect of this site are the player breakdowns. I don't always agree with his conclusions, but that isn't as important to me as getting a studied second opinion on a player. Check out his recent look at the de-powered David Wright. I agree that there is more going on with Wright than just the new ballpark but unlike Eric I also believe that the park is having a significant impact.

The Jason Collette Blog by Jason Collette

Jason is another veteran of the RotoJunkie Forums (in fact he runs them now). He is an associate editor over at and a contributor to the Owner's Edge series. Jason used to write tons about minor league prospects which I loved but he's slowed on that angle in favor of others. Jason's blog tends to get at the questions lots of fantasy owners have about trading, using FAAB, farm systems and the waiver wire to better your team. Check out his top post today about Trade Vetoes.

The Staff Blog by Staff

The staff has a deep collection of great writers. The blog can be a little chaotic at times with several different writers chiming in on it. But the information is top notch and covers a wide gamut of topics. I used to write over there and I still love those guys so maybe I'm biased. But good is good and their blogs are good. They also have equally good staff blogs for Football and Basketball. Check out Jonathan Phillip's Letter to Frank Wren for some quality writing.

Razzball by Grey and Rudy

This may be the blog that I least needed to list, seeing as everybody who reads this blog already seems to read that one. But I'm doing it anyway for those that just don't know. These guys are funny and knowledgable. This is a rare combination in the Fantasy Industry. Everyone thinks that they're funny but they try too hard. Razzball isn't a blog full of jokes. It is like meeting your favorite experts at the bar and talking shop. They tend to list lots of players with lots of opinions. Sometimes they write mean things about Sidney Ponson and Livan Hernandez but that's part of the charm. But what I like most is the loyal community thay have over there. If this blog ever develops as large a loyal audience (and I think it will) I'll be a jolly jolly fat guy.

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Blogger Rudy Gamble said...

thanks for the razzball compliment!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009 at 4:07:00 PM EDT  
Blogger Jon Williams said...

My pleasure!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009 at 4:14:00 PM EDT  

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