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The Trades onTrade Deadline Day

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I'm going to keep updating this post with the trades that have happened and that will happen throughout the day. With a brief (basically gut feelings before all the facts are in)analysis of the moves and the players involved. So please keep checking this space for the latest fantasy spins.

White Sox finally get Jake Peavy
Kenny Williams finally gets his ace, Jake Peavy for LHP Aaron Poreda, LHP Clayton Richards, RHP Adam Russell, and RHP Dexter Carter. There was a decent chance that Peavy would not pitch again this season if he remained a Padre but he is now headed to rehab and the White Sox think there is an outside chance he is ready to join them by mid-August. There was never anything wrong with his arm it was always an ankle injury keeping him out, so if the ankle if fine there should not be much to worry about. Peavy goes from the best park in baseball for pitchers to an American League hitter's park.

Peavy is an above average starter that looked like a dominate number one pitching in Petco Park. He shouldn't turn into a disaster in Chicago but do not expect him to be much more than a solid starter. The White Sox are not overly concerned with how Peavy performs this season and if he missed the rest of the season it would not overly concern them. Peavy is part of the plan for the 2010 White Sox rotation, this season is all gravy for them.

The Padres received an excellent collection of arms. Aaron Poreda and Clayton Richards should both join the major league rotation very soon. Pitching in Petco should be very good for their performances. Fantasy owners should swoop them up as soon as possible.

Marlins have acquired first baseman Nick Johnson
The Marlins at the very last minute agreed to the demands of the Washington Nationals and acquired first baseman Nick Johnson for the Nationals for Class AA left-hander Aaron Thompson and agreed to pay most of his salary. Johnson forces Jorge Cantu back to third base. Emilio Bonafacio and Chris Coghlan will share time in left field as a result. Though Johnson has a reputation as injury prone he has not been the disabled list this season and has been very productive, moving to Florida should not change that by any significant degree.

Aaron Thompson was a first round draft pick in 2005. He has a solid fastball, curve, and change-up but needs to work on being more consistent with his delivery. He could be a very solid mid-rotation starter for a good team or a high quality relief pitcher. He could be in the majors next season or even this season given the state of the National's bullpen.

Reds acquire Scott Rolen
The Reds acquired veteran third baseman Scott Rolen from the Toronto Blue Jays by sending them third baseman Edwin Encarnacion and RHPs Josh Roenicke and Zach Stewart. Rolen returns to the USA in an area he considers very close to home. The Reds are looking for some veteran stability, leadership and production. The Reds also very clearly gave up on Edwin Encarnacion. The Blue Jays are obviously hoping that EE will rediscover the potential that has faded over the last two seasons. Injuries have certainly been a part of Encarnacion's downfall but he also needs to make serious progress in plate discipline.

Rockies acquire Joe Beimel
The Acquire LHP Joe Beimel from Nationals for RHP Ryan Mattheus and RHP Robinson Fabian, both minor leaguers. Mattheus has some potential as a reliever but still has some improvement to make with his control and stamina after he returns from Tommy John Surgery. Fabian is 23-years old and still in single-A. Beimel is a solid reliever but has no shot at the closer role in Colorado.

New York Yankees acquire Jerry Hairston
There were totally ridiculous rumors that the Yanks were sending top prospect Austin Jackson but they finally sent minor league catcher Chase Weems for INF/OF Jerry Hairston. Weems was a sixth round pick in the 2007 draft. He has a long way to go with the bat before he enters the fantasy league radar. Jerry Hairston is a solid replacement for the injured Brett Gardner. Hairston is a versatile player with speed and some plate skills. He can defend adequately at shortstop, second base or center field. He should get meaningful at-bats with the Yankees so he is worth a moderate FAAB bid.

Blue Jays get Sean Smith from Pirates

Braves Acquire Adam LaRoche
The Red Sox get back another first baseman in Casey Kotchman. The Red Sox just felt that Kotchman was better suited to waiting around on the bench for the blue moon he gets to play under. Adam LaRoche becomes a fulltime payer again in a much improved offense. He should draw a significant FAAB bid.

Red Sox acquire Victor Martinez
The Red Sox sent RHP Justin Masterson, LHP Nick Hagedone, and RHP Bryan Price to the Cleveland Indians for C/1B Victor Martinez. Victor Martinez gives the Red Sox the ability to rest both catcher Jason Varitek and third baseman Mike Lowell while also improving the lineup. Martinez should see a boost in productivity playing for the Red Sox who have a better lineup (even if it is slumping right now). For those in keeper leagues my gut feeling is that Martinez will spend 2010 splitting time between first base and catcher. Varitek will probably be back in 2010 but as a part-time player which would actually be very good for his production. Mike Lowell is likely to be somewhere else with Youkilis moving to third base. One of the plethora of first baseman in the Red Sox organization will take on the other portion of at-bats at first base.

The Indians get a nice collection of arms in exchange. I think this is by far the best trade the Tribe has made this season, even if I think trading Martinez was pretty stupid but if GM Mark Shapiro wants to rebuild, more power to him. Justin Masterson will jump right into the rotation and he should be a good one. He gets the strikeouts and groundballs that we like to see in starting pitchers. fangraphs compares him to Gil Meche and I think that fits. The other arms probably won't be seen in the majors this year but offer the potential to become mid-rotation guys.

Twins acquire Orlando Cabrera
According to Bob Nightengale the Twins are sending Twins get Orlando Cabrera for minor league shortstop Tyler Ladendorf. Landendorf was selected in the second round of the 2008 draft. He has very good power for a shortstop but has struggled with his plate discipline and making solid contact. But he has the tools to be a very good hitter. This is the Oakland Athletics buying low on a prospect.

Orlando Cabrera has gotten old in a hurry but still has what it takes to help a contending team down the stretch. The Twins will use him everyday so there is no need for present owners to concern themselves much with his new situation. In fact his new team's home stadium should be less of a drain on his numbers than Oakland's.

Tigers Acquire Jarrod Washburn
The Mariners have traded starter Jarrod Washburn (who seems to have been a secondary target for many teams) for minor league pitchers Luke French and Mauricio Robles. Robles was the Tigers' #24 prospect in the 2009 Baseball America Prospect Handbook. Robles is very young with good to excellent stuff depending on which reports you believe. French is 24-years old and one of those very good control, mediocre strikeout, groundball type of pitcher that is often ignored by major league teams until they turn into Chien-Ming Wang.

Washburn is what he is. He leaves one of the better pitcher's parks in the American League and one of the better defensive teams for a closer to neutral park and a still solid defensive team. He should continue to produce for the Tigers.

The Dodgers acquire closer George Sherrill
In a move I did not think would happen the Orioles parted with closer George Sherrill for two minor leaguers: 3B Josh Bell and RHP Steve Johnson. Josh Bell was the Dodgers #8 prospect and was touted as having the best raw power in their system by Baseball America. He becomes the future at third base for the Orioles. Steve Johnson is the son of former big leaguer Dave Johnson and formerly the Dodgers #15 prospect. He has improving stuff and gets strikeouts in bunches. If he can improve his control he could have a solid future in the majors.

Sherrill gives the Dodgers an excellent left-handed reliever and insurance for Jonathan Broxton. The Dodgers bullpen has been pretty mangled by Joe Torre (that's what he does to relievers) and the fresh arm should prove to be a vitally important addition. He is worth a moderate FAAB bid in NL-only leagues as he will probably see the occasional save.

The Cubs acquire Starter Tom Gorzelanny and reliever John Grabow
The Pittsburgh Pirates are truly committed to trading everyone that will not have a part in their next playoff team. Although it seems that the Pirates have been rebuilding for years, the truth is they never made the commitment to trading to rebuild the team. It was always a salary dump here and a free agent dump there. The Pirates received prospects Kevin Hart, Jose Ascanio, and Josh Harrison in return. As in most of the trades they have made of late they have preferred quantity to quality. But I am starting to see the method in their madness. By loading up their system with B and C prospects they give themselves multiple options at every position. They have an endless supply of potential relievers and mid-rotation guys. If the Pirates can draft a few A prospects and sign a top free-agent or two they will be well on their way back to the glory days.

General manager Neal Huntington says that Friday (today) he will call up outfielder Lastings Milledge and start a regular outfield of Garrett Jones, Andrew McCutchen and Milledge for the balance of the season. Don't be surprised if the Pirates give time at second base to Delwyn Young who has been a solid bat since coming to the Pirates.

Tom Gorzelanny has flashed his potential on a regular basis and the Cubs have added him to the 25-man roster. He should get innings but is obviously a risk for any fantasy owner in a chase for a championship. John Grabow on the other hand is an excellent reliever and should prove very valuable to the Cubs.

The Kansas City Royals acquired Josh Anderson
The Royals needed an outfielder about as badly as a team could need one. The Royals sent cash considerations to the Tigers for the speedy Josh Anderson. Anderson should get a lot more at-bats with the Royals and steal some bases. He is very much worth owning in AL-Leagues and anyone looking for steals should consider him.

Pittsburgh Pirates traded 2B Freddy Sanchez to San Francisco Giants

Seattle Mariners traded LF Wladimir Balentien to Cincinnati Reds for RHP Robert Manuel.

Seattle Mariners traded 1B Jeff Clement, SS Ronny Cedeno and RHP Nathan Adcock RHP Aaron Pribanic and RHP Brett Lorin to Pittsburgh Pirates for RHP Ian Snell and SS Jack Wilson

Cleveland Indians traded Cliff Lee and Ben Francisco to Philadelphia Phillies.

Cleveland Indians traded 1B Ryan Garko to San Francisco Giants.

Oakland Athletics traded LF Matt Holliday to St. Louis Cardinals.

Cleveland Indians traded RHP Rafael Betancourt to Colorado Rockies and Modesto Nuts traded RHP Connor Graham to Indians Organization.

Boston Red Sox traded Julio Lugo to St. Louis Cardinals.

Pittsburgh Pirates traded 1B Adam LaRoche to Boston Red Sox; Boston Red Sox traded SS Argenis Diaz to Pittsburgh Pirates and Greenville Drive traded RHP Hunter Strickland to West Virginia Power.

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Some more "analysis" about the trade deadline:

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