Friday, August 27, 2010

Stephen Strasburg Needs Tommy John Surgery

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The Washington Nationals are getting a second opinion but they have announced that Stephen Strasburg has a significant tear to ligaments in his elbow and will likely require Tommy John Surgery. He will certainly miss the rest of this season and likely most of 2011 as well. This is bad news, not just to fantasy baseball fans, but also to Major League Baseball.

Strasburg was one of the few personalities in the game that could draw sell-out crowds to the park. He was and still is a huge part of the Washington Nationals future. TJS is not a death sentence for pitchers. Josh Johnson, Francisco Liriano and Tim Hudson are just a few examples of the major talents that have recovered and thrived after the procedure. Some pitchers have even claimed to be stronger than they ever were before. Typically those undergoing TJS are out of action for a year and need most of a season of pitching again to regain their top level of performance. But not always.

Those in typical keeper leagues that allow you to keep a player for three seasons without signing him long term are probably screwed unless they have incredible faith. Faith both in Stephen Strasburg's eventual return and their ability to draft a winning team short his cost and roster spot. While he should return in 2012 (maybe even the end of 2011) betting on an immediate return to top quality is unwise.

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