Friday, May 06, 2011

Pauly's Pickups of the Week: Mike Fontenot & Mark Melancon

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I know, not the sexiest pickups of the week...but wait, look at these numbers:

Since taking over as the starting third baseman for the not-as-fat Panda in San Francisco on April 30, Mike Fontenot is hitting .350 with hits in 5 of 6 games. He has a steal, a homer and 4 RBI. Back in the pre-season, I highlighted Fontenot as a guy who could put up decent numbers if given a chance at an everyday role, and he hasn't disappointed yet.

I'm not saying everyone should stampede each other trying to sign Fontenot, but he definitely should not be available in NL-Only leagues. He will put up a decent cheap mix of steals, and possibly some more power -- he has batted third in the SF lineup since Tuesday and has all 4 RBI in that span.

Another player who will benefit from a recent injury is Mark Melancon, who is taking over at closer in Houston for the injured Brandon Lyon. Once again, here is a guy who I have not really seen pitch, but he is someone who will be scooped up in just about every competitive league by this weekend.

Unlike the ridiculous situation in St. Louis where Tony LaRussa is once again effing with the greater fantasy baseball community, the situation is much more clear-cut in Houston. Melancon is a Tommy John survivor (missed all of 2007 as a Yankees farmhand), and came over to the Astros in the Lance Berkman deal last year. He has already been officially "named" the closer, and he has proven he can handle somewhat-pressurized situations - 3 holds with a sub-2.00 ERA.

Sure, he might not be getting a ton of chances, but when you need saves, you'll take em from anywhere....won't you? And since he hasn't posted a save yet, he may be flying under the radar in your league right now. This is where you take advantage of the people who don't constantly read player/team updates -- and believe me, odds are there are quite a few in your league.


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