Monday, March 11, 2013

Ten Tips For Dominating Your Draft or Auction

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I hope your Fantasy Draft War Room doesn't look like this!
An article I wrote for Big Leagues Magazine called "Ten Tips for Dominating Your Draft or Auction" has been placed on the free site. Here's a sample:
Many experienced owners have long practiced waiting until the mid-rounds to start building their pitching staffs. With the number of great young pitchers on the rise some owners have fooled themselves into believing they can wait until the late rounds to collect starting pitchers. That may be possible in some very shallow leagues but if you want the opportunity to score big in the pitching categories you will need to collect some of the top two tiers of starters rather than settling for the leftovers. The pitchers at the end of the draft may seem a lot better than in years past but the best pitchers are also a lot better. So do not wait too long to get your first few starting pitchers. Unless you like having the worst pitching in your fantasy league that is.
You should see the Third Base Tiers either late tonight or early Tuesday morning.

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