Monday, April 01, 2013

2013 Fantasy Baseball Opening Day

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Happy Opening Day!

Many of us will watch games today without knowing the composition of our fantasy teams thanks to an inconveniently scheduled Easter holiday. I really do not like drafting after the season starts because I think it warps auction prices. Players who start fast go for more and slow starters get less. That annoys me.

I love that a couple of teams have chosen to bring some of their best prospects to the major leagues without trying to weasel an extra year of service by forcing them to spend another month in the minors. If they're ready let them play.
  • Jackie Bradley Jr. will man left field for the Boston Red Sox at least until David Ortiz comes off the disabled list. I think he'll stick around if he is a productive part of the lineup. Bradley should hit for average with average power and good speed - 10-15 homers and 15-20 stolen bases is a decent possibility. He could be a 20/20 as he nears his prime.
  • The Marlins have placed Jose Fernandez, a former Cuban defector, into their starting pitcher rotation. Fernandez has been praised for his work ethic and leadership on the field. He does not have much experience in the minors but many scouts seem to think he can handle it. The weird part is that he spent so little time in major league camp but made the team anyway. Fernandez is an ace in the making and a less hyped version of Dylan Bundy (without the strange diet and arm stiffness).
  • Evan Gattis will be on the Braves bench and is expected to get some time on the outfield corners and as an emergency catcher. Peter Gammons compares him to Josh Willingham and he does have that sort of power. The playing time is not there but he might make a decent second catcher if you're a fan of the one dollar catcher idea.
  • The Brewers are loaded with rookies: shortstop Jean Segura, pitchers Mike Fiers, Alfredo Figaro, Jim Henderson and Wily Peralta, catcher Martin Maldonado and outfielders Khris Davis and Logan Schafer. Segura is the most relevant to fantasy owners. He should provide owners with late round speed for their middle infield spot.
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Lots of folks were shocked to hear that the Rangers had signed shortstop Elvis Andrus to an eight-year extension to his contract worth 120 million dollars. The Rangers have Jurickson Profar, for whom various media analysts keep expecting the Rangers to open a spot via trade. The Rangers have refused to part with any part of their core and Andrus is part of that. People forget that Andrus will be just 24-years old this season. He is not even close to what he could be at the peak of his powers. He he has power potential that he has yet to realize because he is still slapping most pitches into the dirt to take advantage of his speed. But the Rangers understand and I assume will continue to work with him on becoming the best player he can be.

 Have fun today!

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